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Middle English facilite gentleness, borrowed from Middle French Latin; Middle French facilité quality" of being easily performed, borrowed from Latin facilitāt-, facilitās, from facilis easy, facile" -itāt-, -itās -ity. Learn More About facility. Post the Definition of facility to Facebook Share the Definition of facility on Twitter Time Traveler for facility.
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Facility is a noun with several different meanings. Often, as in storage" facility, it's' a place designed for a specific use, but it can also mean an effortlessness or ease with something. The new stadium is a great facility for showing off Olympic winter sports.
VINCI Facilities.
For example, when roof works were required at Peabodys Lomond Grove estate, the team challenged the need for scaffolding, instead suggesting an edge protection solution that, in turn, shaved 12 weeks off the programme and delivered cost savings of £16k.
Industrial Facility.
Radio, Pure Audio, England. Bench, Landscape Forms, USA. Dalston glass lamps, Wastberg, Sweden. OE1, Herman Miller, USA. Extending tables, Kristalia, Italy. Food packaging, Eat Just, USA. Table, Herman Miller, USA. Industrial Facility Limited. Clerks Well House, 20 Britton Street, London EC1M 5UA.
Toutes les installations hébergées en colocation CloudInterconnect Google Cloud.
2 La Caroline du Sud us-east1 permet aux clients de l'Amérique' du Sud de recevoir un contrat de niveau de service de 99,99, pour leurs configurations CloudInterconnect, car il s'agit' de la région nord-américaine la plus proche de l'Amérique' du Sud.
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Why hath Epicurus interdicted facility unto his Sectaries? 1964, Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast, p. 151: Since I had started to break down all my writing and get rid of all facility and try to make instead of describe, writing had been wonderful to do.
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facility for doing something a facility for checking spelling. The archive offers a central facility for cataloguing and indexing data. The device has a facility for storing any sound you like. The software's' 'list' facility allows users to compile their own list.
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He has a facility for languages. Synonyms and related words. Skill, talent and ability. Definition and synonyms of facility from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. This is the British English definition of facility. View American English definition of facility.
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Look up facility in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Facility may refer to.: An place for doing something, or a place that facilitates an activity.: A commercial or institutional building, such as a hotel, resort, school, office complex, sports arena, or convention center.
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How to use facility in a sentence. If the rapid response test comes back positive and the PCR test result hasnt been returned yet, the student would be put into an isolation facility, according to a university spokesperson. EVEN THE MOST CAUTIOUS SCHOOLS ARE SEEING OUTBREAKS SY MUKHERJEE SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 FORTUNE.

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